Be Human Kind

Be human kind. We chose this as the tagline for Kind Community because it emphasizes the humanity of kindness. We are
Kind logo slider 2 humankind. Be human. Be Kind. Only humans have the capacity to “be” (which is an active, positive state of be-ing). Kind Community is about making purposeful positive contributions to our community, to each other and to ourselves. We want to hear your stories. We want to hear how you (your neighbor, your company, your church, your charity, your rugby or bunco club) pay it forward or perform random acts of kindness. Maybe your story is about a time you could have been kinder and in those reflections you changed. Maybe you witnessed that change. We all have stories and we can learn from each other. Sharing and making each other want to be better humans is what Kind Community is all about. Send your stories to and we will post some of them periodically on our FB page and our website. In the meantime, Be Human Kind!